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Our leather

We only use the highest quality full grain leathers within our projects meaning that you are getting the best possible product.

Our range of leathers have been sourced from some of the best suppliers within the uk meaning that whichever item you choose you are getting the highest quality product possible.

Leather has a certain smell to it that is distinct, that said every piece of leather is as unique as the animal it came from.

Within any section of leather there may be stretch marks, minor scratches or variation on colour this is part of the character of a natural product.

Rather than hide these we will always aim to make a feature of them.



Leather Belt in brown with brass buckle and keeper
One of our full grain bridle leather bets in chestnut brown. Image used with permission copywrite Cat Paw Images (C)

Where do our leathers come from?

We source our leathers from a number of main suppliers depending on the product we are making.

Metropolitan leather is a finishing house meaning they take tanned leathers and finish them in a wide range of colours and finishes including custom work.

They are our main suppliers for our full grain vegetable tanned leathers like us they pride themselves on producing a top-quality product.

We use their leathers in all of our belts and pouch products as well as many of our tool sheaths.

Dlb leather are a mobile leather merchant’s sourcing and supplying lathers from a wide range of finishing houses.

We use DLB for our specialist leathers for things like our Bill hook pouches as well as some of our more out there patterned leathers within our mystery braid range.

Based in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne Le Prevo is a treasure trove for both leathers and other items such as buckles and tools.

We use Le Prevo for our leather lace as well as some of our belt buckles.

Owners of Sedgwick leather Abbey England also make and supply most of our Buckles and tools.