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Woodland Flora

This Woodland Flora course is ideal for everyone who wants to get more out of woodland walks, works in or owns a wood and wants to find out more about the flowers present.

A walk in the woods is a great way to exersise but most people totally miss the magic of  the different species of woodland plants and trees. This course is designed to:

  • Identify woodland flora in Little Hyden woods
  • Find how this changes with coppice cycles and management.
  • Discuss how soil and other variables will affect flora in a wood.
  • Where you are likely to find them
  • How to at least find which family unknown flowers belong to.


woodland flora - A view across a bluebell woodland

Important Information


Unless otherwise stated all of our courses will be carried out in our own woodland here in Hampshire.

Over last 20 years we have been working to restore and improve both the condition and habit with on our own woodland, as part of that we have been monitoring the plants with in the woodland.

Food and refreshments

There will be an ample supply of tea/coffee on tap but no other food is provided, we can of course set up the bbq if requested.


£80 per day

Reductions for group booking


There are a good number of local hotels and b and b’s in the area for which we can give you detail on application.

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