Three Copse Woodland Products​

Besom brooms

Made in the traditionally way our besom brooms are cut from our own Grown in Britain certified woodland here in Hampshire.

Made from hazel and birch our brooms are ideal both indoors and out for sweeping and cleaning, removing leaves and other rubbish from grass or gravel.

Also know as witches brooms the humble besom has changed little since the dark ages, the only real change in that time has been the use of wire in place of the hazel or bramble to hold the birch head togeather.

They also make a perfect pagan ornament for your shrine.

Winter cut Birch is stored in the dark until seasoned and then combined with a hazel shaft to make the perfect broom.

They come in a range of sizes depending on available material.

Also available are ash pan brushes for cleaning out your fire or stove.

NB Now available direct from our shop

three besom brooms ready to fly

If you are looking for a smaller broom for a shrine feel free to get in touch.

Our besoms are part of our garden range of products.

hampshire coppice craftsmens group branded charcoal bag
a bag of our Hampshire branded lumpwood charcoal
our garden lines as hand turned
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