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Woodland Archaeology and History

Walking through History
Due to the thousands of years of land use in the UK many ancient woodlands contain lots of different features. these features can give a view of the history over the centuries as well as the more recent uses of woodland both agricultural and military.

This course will look at:

  • Archaeological features found in woodland
  • How to use them and documentary evidence to trace the history of a wood.
  • Give advice on where to find useful documents for your area.
  • Look at environmental clues that can give a few ideas about the land uses over time
  • Discuss the laws protecting archeology
  • The use of GPS and phone data to map features with in a woodland both for woodland managment purposes and local interest

Woodland Archaeology - an image showing a wood bank in the woods


Unless otherwise stated all of our courses will be carried out in our own woodland here in Hampshire

Food and refreshments

There will be an ample supply of tea/coffee on tap but no other food is provided, we can of course set up the bbq if requested.


There are a good number of local hotels and b and b’s in the area for which we can give you detail on application.


£60 per day

Reductions for group booking