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Three Copse Woodland Products

About us

Find out more about us, how we became woodland owners and how we work as a company and family.

About the company

Three Copse Woodland Products is a trading name of Wesnet Services Ltd, a small family run company based in the heart of Hampshire’s South Downs, at Clanfield.

The name “Three Copse” comes from the three woodland copses we own and work.

As part of this management we are carrying out both thinning and coppicing; the timber from which is used in all of our timber products.

Because of this our wood products such as Besoms, charcoal, milled timber and turned products have very low wood miles and through the Grown in Britain scheme are now certified as sustainable.

We demonstrate at many local shows as members of Hampshire Coppice Craftsmen’s Group, trading under the Three Copse Woodland Products banner.

about us - John and kester with their tools

About Threecopse HQ

Those three copses known locally as ‘Little Hyden Wood’ are Grown in Britain certified meaning that they meet UK Woodland assurance standards for sustainability.

At 64 acres it is small by in forestry terms but more than large enough to keep us supplied with timber. It is a mix of hazel and ash coppice with some plantation areas comprising mostly mixed hardwoods such as Beech and Sycamore.

we also have some softwoods remaining in the plantation areas which were planted as a nurse crop for the hardwoods. the three main species are Western red cedar, corsican pine and one very large Norway spruce.

Our crafts and products

As a team we have a wide range of skills including:

  • Besom broom making
  • pole lathe turning
  • green wood working
  • leather working
  • charcoal burning
  • public speaking
As Three Copse Woodland Products we sell:


Leather craft is one or our newer ventures and like our other crafts we try and make it as sustaiable as possible.

We only buy the best British leather and brass work again to reduct our carbon footprint, and support other British Businesses. We then pour the same love and care into the final product, that you have grown to expect. find out more from our Leather work page in our Product portfolio

The Team

The team are Mum Dad and Son, Chris, John and Kester Westcott with support from Kester’s wife Emily at shows.

Like many in the coppice industry Chris and John have come to this from a different angle, having both worked in the Electronics industry for many years.

They have also been crafters for many years as well as being involved in recontruction archeology. As well as having a wide range of craft skills Chris is also a chartered scientist.

Kester however, after a brief stint in the computer repairs, saw the light and studied forestry and then conservation management at Sparsholt agricultural college. Kester is our main pole lathe turner as well as our leather expert.

Chris is the Broom squire as well as making spoons and Chris’s famous biscuits which have kept many coppice workers going at shows.

John is Mr fix it, as well as our charcoal harth master. With many years working in Electrical engineering and comunications and having completed a dockyard apprenticeship John can fix most of our equipment issues.