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leather wrist cuffs

Our range leather wrist cuffs is ever evolving, with new designs appearing regularly, each cuff is as unique as it is beautiful.

Many of our tools have been hand crafted by artisan toolmakers. Including a range of brass faced stamps which give a crisp imprint. By combining the different stamps we can design an item just for you.


Our cuffs are either come in standards lengths:




Or can be cut to you exact measurements.


As with our Mystery Braid bracelets we use a range of closures. These include:

Cord (leather or string)

Line snap (popper)

Sam brown stud

For larger items such as bracers (wrist guards) we offer a bespoke service making for a perfect comfortable fit.

Our range

Hand carved cuffs

Word cuffs

Runic cuff

Celtic cuffs

Bracer - wrist strap