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Three Copse Woodland Products

our dibbers are hand tuned on the pole lathe so each is unique


Our range of dibbers has been designed to help with planting of all types of garden produce from potatoes to seeds.

As with all of our hand turned products our range of dibbers is to a standard design but each is unique.

Our larger come wiht handy measuring marks along there lenth to make spacing of plants and rows easier.

Sizes may vary so come and see use at a show near you and find the one that’s right for you.

What is a dibber?

What is a dibber? – a dibber, Plant dibber or dibbler is a device used for planting anything from seads to bulbs and potatos, often like ours they are made from wood and can vary in size from 2.5cm long to 25cm or more they usually have a pointed end for pushing into or scraping along the soil. larger dibbers may have marks along their lenght to measur gaps between rows of plants.

smaller dibbers are often used for planting seeds or once the small plants are grown pricking our or respacing the seedlings.


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