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Charcoal Making course

our ring kilns lit for the first time the 17th of July 2008

The art of making charcoal has been practiced for at least 8000 years, we
call it an art because it uses every human sense to get it right.

The aim of the course is to give you the skills necessary to run your own
hearth successfully.

The course will be based around a 6ft ring kiln, we will also run a smaller
oil drum kiln and a retort, so that you will see the whole process.

We will cover:

·        Charcoal history

·        Selection of timber

·        Loading the kiln

·        Running the kiln

·        Shutting down the burn

·        Emptying the kiln and grading the charcoal

We will also have a chance to look at the woodland we manage, and the importance
of that management to the woodland and the charcoal process.

The course will be run in our own woodland based in the heart to the
Hampshire South Downs, nr Petersfield.

The course runs over 3 days with an option to attend only parts of the course.

Food and refreshments

There will be an ample supply of tea/coffee on tap but no other food is
provided, we can of course set up the bbq if requested.


There are a good number of local hotels and b and b’s in the
area for which we can give you detail on application.


£200 for the full 3 day course

£60 per day for part course or basic charcoal course

Reductions for group booking