Quality Local Firewood


Quality Hampshire logs

Here at Wesnet Services Ltd we have been providing quality Hampshire cut firewood for nearly 10 years, to both private individuals and commercial customers in the local area.

We provide free delivery within 15 miles of our base at in the heart of the Southdowns at Clanfield,  including Cowplain, Waterlooville, Denmead, Havant, Hambledon, Droxford, Swanmore, Corhampton, Bishops waltham, Wickham,  Fareham (dependent on area), Hayling Island, Rowlands Castle, Emsworth, Petersfield, Liss as well as parts of West Sussex.

Below is a map indicating the approximate area of free delivery. If you are still not sure if you are within 15 miles ring us on 02392 595147 to find out. There may be a charge for delivery outside of these areas; please see below.

Our logs are of locally cut hardwood, cut and split to your specification.

We take great care over our product to make sure that it is up to your expectation.


Log bags @ £6.00 – also available thought a number of local outlets (prices may vary)

Loads of logs loose (more information see below) @ £100

Half loads available @ £55

Firewood sold as a loose load – “is all that wood for me…..”

We supply quality local firewood throughout the year

If you have the room to take a loose load it is a more cost effective way of heating your home than log bags. The loose load is done by eye so is not an exact science but we have never had any complaints about the size of load.

The loads comprise either a full-length pickup truck (7’6” X 5’), or equivalent trailer.

We are also able to offer a double load to customers with easy access**.


Our free delivery area
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Delivery is free to all customers within our working range (approx 15 miles of Clanfield) see Map. Our area includes :

Cowplain, Waterlooville, Denmead, Havant, Hambledon, Droxford, Swanmore, Fareham (dependent on area), Gosport (charges may apply), Hayling Island, Rowlands Castle, Emsworth, Petersfield, Liss as well as parts of West Sussex. If you not sure if you are within 15 miles ring us on 02392 595147 to find out.

For customers outside this working range a delivery charge will be levied. Please ask for prices on ordering.

Note: delivery is to drop of point only i. e. the point to which the delivery vehicle can back up. We do not generally carry out movement or stacking, but where this is required there may be an extra charge levied to cover the extra time involved in moving the logs. Where this may be necessary please notify at time of order. .

Delivery to groups of neighbours

Wesnet Services Ltd. are aware that although the firewood is carbon neutral the fossil fuel used to process and transport it is not.

If you and your neighbours all burn wood then group bookings can help the environment.

This years firewood

For information on burning this wood please ask when phoning.

The firewood for 2016/17 comprise of mainly ash, birch, beech and Sycamore with small quantities of other species including southern beech, hazel and oak.

All of the timber has come from our woodland management work so is helping to sustain local woodland.


The importance of seasoning wood

It can not be over-emphasised that the key to a good fire is well seasoned wood. Seasoning only happens with time and dry airy conditions. The water content of freshly cut logs can be as high as 50%, as in the case of Oak, but is more usually 30-40%, with King of Firewoods, Ash, being as low as 25-30% when cut in the winter, which is why it is the only wood which can be burnt green. Well-seasoned firewood will have a moisture content of around 18-20%.


It is important therefore that once delivered the logs are stored under some sort of cover to keep them dry; ideally this would be a cover only to keep rain off whilst allowing side ventilation.

Keeping a few days supply (a weeks supply would be better if you have the space) in the house near the fire will reduce the water content to around 14-16 %. This is ideal for a good warm fire.


** This unit is about 30ft long so requires a good area to turn and reverse